Shades & Bimini Tops

When choosing a canopy for your boat you should first ensure that the model is suitable for your type of boat (sail or power). It is also important to ensure that you measure your boat accurately and make sure that adequate fitting space is available.

Step 1. Calculate the Length (A)
On sailing boats, we recommend the length of the canopy to be equal to the distance between the center of the companion way steps to a point just beyond the rear of the cockpit. This measurement should reach the backstay without including it. If you prefer a larger canopy, you should make the appropriate modifications in order for the backstay to pass through the canopy. In powerboats the length of the canopy is only defined by your specific requirements and the area of the boat you wish to cover. So, (A1-A2) = Canopy Length

Step 2. Points of installation
On sailing and powerboats, the points of installation are calculated by dividing the canopy length by 2. i.e. A / 2 = Points of Installation B1 & B2. This formula gives you the distance between points A1 or A2 to the point where you should place the canopy. In sailing boats these points should be slightly inboard of the rails to cover the cockpit area.. On powerboats the usual installation point is the middle of the gunwale.

Step 3. Calculate the Width (B)
Measure the distance between installation points. So (B1-B2) = Width Please note that the width of the canopy is not necessarily the boat’s width.

Step 4. Calculate the Height (C)
Calculate the height of the canopy according to your own requirements. In order to measure the height, just measure the distance from the installation points up to the desired height. On powerboats, the height of canopy should not obstruct navigation lights.